Flanders Brake Lever 402-12105


Here’s a new old stock Flanders Brake Lever 402-12105.  Get your project going again with quality parts!

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Get your Honda CR 250R looking good again with this new old stock Flanders Brake Lever 402-12105.  It’s important to be comfortable at the controls.  Worn or broken motorcycle parts can distract you from enjoying your ride.  Get comfy again by replacing your worn or broken parts.  Save big with our new old stock parts.  As with all parts, be sure to research compatibility with your vehicle prior to purchase.

Flanders Brake Lever 402-12105 Features:

  • Honda brake lever replacement
  • Replaces the following manufacturer’s part number(s): 53175-KA5-770, 53175-KA4-003, 53175-KA4-830, 53175-KA4-003, 53175-GC4-830, 53175-KA4-003, 53175-KA3-741, 53175-KA3-731, 53175-KA3-681, 53175-KA3-681
  • This part fits the following vehicles: CR 80R 1982, CR 80R 83-84, CR 80R 90-95, CR 125R 1981, CR 125R 1982, CR 125R 1983, CR 125R 84-85, CR 250R 1981, CR 250R 1982, CR 250R 1983, CR 250R 84-85, CR 450R 1981, CR 480R 1982, CR 480R 1983

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in


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